Album Review: Sabotør – Skyggekæmper (HQ REC/Pudsige Herrer Musik Aps)

The Danish stoner rock band and three-headed fuzz monster Sabotør will release its debut album ‘Skyggekæmper’ (‘Shadow Giants’ in Danish) on June 10th 2022 via HQ REC/Pudsige Herrer Musik Aps.

The groove and energy of opening track Robot spells out two things of note about Sabotør’s debut album. The first is that it’s going to be a lot of fun, the second is that it’s going to be weird.

Fun and weird… that’s a good combination for rock music. A combination that Sabotør double down on with the grin-inducing funkiness of Ro På, Danmark! If you’re not having a good time after hearing this track, check your pulse, you might already be dead.

It’s not as though that’s the only opportunity to move and groove though as some high-powered riffs makes King Diamond another banger. The punky energy of Arbejde Gør Fri is one hell of an anthemic listen, and Oprør! has some meatiness that encourages the neck muscles to start acting out.

Also capable of melody and moodiness when required, Sabotør show off their more heartfelt side with 2040-Planen, a bit of an epic. One of the more detailed tracks on the album, something that is reflected in the length. Happily, it never bores and the final section is pretty damn spectacular.

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It’s back to groove, fuzzy and weird groove, with the kickass Sabbatår. Followed by another epic wander into the mind of Sabotør with the massive pairing of Edderkoppemor and the title track. A pair of tracks that have atmosphere, sulky atmosphere, but are also energetic and punchy. Thick and chunky riffs, hefty drum beats, unexpected hooks, moments of eccentric flair and enthralling vocals. The last tracks on the album are also up there as some of the most memorable.

Sabotør – Skyggekæmper Full Track Listing:

1. Robot
2. Ro På, Danmark!
3. King Diamond
4. Arbejde Gør Fri
5. Oprør!
6. 2040-Planen
7. Sabbatår
8. Edderkoppemor
9. Skyggekæmper


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Sabotør - Skyggekæmper (HQ REC/Pudsige Herrer Musik Aps)
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