Album Review: Revenant Dead – Heroes Without Villains (Self-Released)

The third album from Birmingham, UK band Revenant Dead looks to cement them as the next big thing coming out of the metal heartland in England. Heroes Without Villains blends metal, industrial, and electronic music & is out now.

Revenant Dead 1

Revenant Dead play music that is not to be messed with. From the moment the intense Charge Into Hell gets going it brings the heaviness but with a fantastic industrial edge. The croaky spoken word vocals in it take some getting used to & at first they dominate over the great sounding metal beats.

Things change though on the excellent, The Rising Phoenix. A great song with some exciting rhythm & some really gothic & sorrowful vocals. Channelling the likes of Type O Negative with some early Marilyn Manson all wrapped up in their own sound. It’s with The Rising Phoenix that it becomes clear Revenant Dead are something special.

The industrial sounds are what really make Heroes Without Villains stand out. First to the Last Stand, F.I.N.E. & Club Dead are amazingly catchy. Filled with great guitar riffs & hooks & with some really fascinating contrasting vocal styles. Club Dead in particular is stunning, the best song on the album. Gorgeous melody with a guitar solo thrown in to cap it all off. These three songs, one after another, ensure you’re not forgetting about Revenant Dead anytime soon.

Thankfully there is still plenty left to enjoy. The ballad, Between the Lies is amazing. Great use of a piano & the addition of female vocals singing opposite to the heavy goth vocals really shine. It’s a very beautiful moment sharing similarities with the final track, Do You Remember. An acoustic finale that has a real pensive & emotionally distraught feel about it.

A strong finish to an album that never stops giving. The mix of metal, industrial & electronica is some of the most impressive stuff to come out this year.

Revenant Dead 2

Revenant Dead – Heroes Without Villains Full Track Listing:

1. View From Within
2. Charge Into Hell
3. The Rising Phoenix
4. First to the Last Stand
5. F.I.N.E.
6. Club Dead
7. Hell March
8. Bring An Army
9. Between the Lies
10. Hollow Man
11. Do You Remember?

Heroes Without Villains is out now & can be bought & streamed via most major services like Spotify & Apple Music.  You can also pick it up via Google PlayBandcamp & Amazon. Check out Revenant Dead on their website here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

Revenant Dead - Heroes Without Villains (Self-Released)
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