Album Review: Resurgence – Voices (Self Released)

Resurgence is an Australian hard rock band based in Grafton and Coffs Harbour New South Wales (NSW), who are due to release their debut album ‘Voices’ on the 28th of January 2019. Voices was recorded, mixed and mastered by Al Pegg of Old Dog Studios in Corndale, NSW.

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Australia seems to be producing more and more attention grabbing music that steps away from the expected repeat styles of AC/DC, Airbourne and Rose Tattoo. Band’s that are showing there is much more to the country then just rock and roll.

Resurgence is one of these bands. Playing a riff-heavy, aggression-tinged and energetic style of hard rock with plenty of metal influences too. It’s a bouncy, chunky and groovy sounding album but one that leans more towards the heavier side of rock.

Tracks like Black Arrow and Falling Out are head-banging and foot-tapping gold. The former’s riffs are to die for and the vocals show some real range with melody as well as power. While the latter has the whiff of grunge rock that gets in your head and won’t leave for some time.

Hoping for more? Well then, make sure you check out the hyper Punkwave, a track about the rise and fall of punk. Resurgence really give it a punk vibe and feel. While not drifting too far from their own sound. A little bit nasty, a little bit dirty but all good.

Almost as good as the feel-good vibes of Honoured and Trusted, an album highlight with deep-rooted guitar groove, exciting vocals and throbbing bass. It’s funny that we can go from a track like that to Rock Island, a more straight-forward rock and roll tune built around a galloping beat. It really shows the variety in Resurgence’s sound.

It’s that extra push they have that sees Voices not lose momentum as we reach the latter part of the album. It’s only really Walk Away that doesn’t quite excite in the same way but that’s quickly forgotten as the grungy and doomy effort of Game Over sparks to life. This is as heavy as it gets for the band and it’s heavy.

Can it end as strongly though? Almost! Total Control is the cherry on top with familiar (by this stage) chuggy guitars and melodic vocals. It’s a perfectly solid finish for a band that has delivered more than enough throughout the 11 tracks of Voices.

Resurgence 1

Resurgence – Voices Full Track Listing:

1. Envy
2. Black Arrow
3. Falling Out
4. Fatal Behaviour
5. Punkwave
6. Astrotraveller
7. Honoured and Trusted
8. Rock Island
9. Walk Away
10. Game Over
11. Total Control



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp and more information gained by checking out the band’s Facebook Page & Instagram.

Resurgence - Voices (Self Released)
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