Album Review: Red Cain – Kindred: Act II (Self Released)

Calgary power prog band Red Cain are back with their sophomore album “Kindred: Act II” set for release on January 22nd, 2021. Here, the band continue their Kindred saga which follows the warrior Zalcoatl along with combining other ancient myths and stories with a commentary on how these exist and apply in modern society.

With a flurry of progressive guitars, grandiose vocals and intriguingly wild effects, Red Cain burn brightly from the very start with the opening track, Kindred. It’s very chaotic but something to marvel at. Like witnessing the pandemonium created by a tornado that you come to realise is bearing down upon you.

With a much more concentrated style of electronica-infused effects, Demons is appetisingly catchy. A track with a ton of danceable groove to it but not what many will have expected.

Expect the unexpected with Red Cain though and Precipice of Man proves that with a hell of an uplifting first couple of minutes. Then like reaching the summit of a rollercoaster, the drop into darkness makes the stomach flip and the dark electronica takes us in a different direction altogether. It’s still a pretty incredible listen though.

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Baltic Fleet then mixes brief touches of subtle effects with clean singing, guttural vocals and wild percussion for an effective listen. While Varyag and the Shrike is a return to the more chaotic start of the album. The burst of instrumentation and off-kilter singing is somewhat unsettling but as uniquely interesting as everything heard so far.

Which brings us to the end and final pairing of Sons of Veles and Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire). The former brings some jagged guitar playing and a more ferocious bite whereas the latter is an extravagant end that has a ton of creativity about it. As memorable as everything heard so for.

Red Cain have a pretty unique offering to share with the world here. If you’re willing to have your expectations of progressive music confused then you won’t find an album less able to do that than Kindred: Act II.

Red Cain – Kindred: Act II Full Track Listing:

1. Kindred
2. Demons
3. Precipice of Man
4. Baltic Fleet
5. Varyag and the Shrike
6. Sons of Veles
7. Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire)

Red Cain - Kindred: Act II (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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