Album Review: Pyramido – Fem (The Sign Records)

Pyramido was formed in the southern Swedish city of Malmö in 2006. Five different individuals getting together, sharing a common passion for heavy, distorted and slowed down music.

Their brand new album, entitled simply ”Fem”, which is Swedish for the number five, will be released on the 27th September 2019 via The Sign Records.


Pyramido’s version of stoner/sludge/doom isn’t exactly straightforward. Heavy on the reverb and feedback and with vocals that are more akin to a black metal album. Född Till Att Springa springs this surprising and ear-aching combination suddenly. It’s uneasy and anxious sounding music.

There is even more bassiness to Levande Döda which works really well with a lighter guitar tone and the salacious vocals. This is a much improved listen and the kind of song you point at to non-fans and say “listen to this”.

Utvägen pushes the intensity to an even higher level, somehow Pyramido sounding even more desperate. While Fänrik Källbacks Sägner and Insikten offer raving levels of chunky riffing and catchier metal show-stealing moments.

A pretty damn good album is closed out with the title track that vibrates with life after a slow strumming start.


Pyramido – Fem Full Track Listing:

1. Född Till Att Springa
2. Levande Döda
3. Utvägen
4. Fänrik Källbacks Sägner
5. Insikten
6. Fem


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Pyramido - Fem (The Sign Records)
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