Album Review: Psychotic Waltz – The God Shaped Void (InsideOutMusic)

US Progressive Metal pioneers and innovators Psychotic Waltz return with their full original line-up on their highly anticipated 5th studio album and first new music in 23 years. Entitled ‘The God-Shaped Void’, the upcoming new album and InsideOutMusic debut will be released on February 14th, 2020.

With this much time out of the game and the ever developing world of progressive metal, you have to wonder just if Psychotic Waltz will be able to keep up. 23 years is an incredibly long time in metal and the demand for unique and interesting variations is ever increasing.

Happily though, it’s a demand Psychotic Waltz are more then able to meet. As The God Shaped Void turns out to be an incredible return. One worthy of being spoken in the same breath as the best of 2020 so far, as it is a phenomenal record.

The transfixing rhythm of Devils and Angels begins things so strongly. With a haunting vocal style, effortlessly twisting through darkened melodies backed up by a coarse drum beat, this is how you announce your return.

With a touch more groove to the guitars, Stranded has such a catchy chorus while also continuing the ethereal feel that exists throughout the album. Whereas Back to Black is somewhat of a simplistic head-banger, at least as far as Psychotic Waltz goes.

There’s a certain kind of gleefulness to the vocals on All the Bad Men which is in sharp contrast to the doomier riffs. Just another great example of the progressive nature of this album.

After that exhilarating effort, The Fallen is a much more sombre and subtle listen. A nice change of pace even if it does have one of the wildest guitar solos of the album. While the Spiders Spin drips glorious heaviness through a sieve of wraith-like melody and Pull the String expresses itself with harsher sounding riffs and vocal declarations that are way more demanding then initially expected.

Reaching its stirring conclusion, Demystified’s folkish elements offer some minor but welcome changes. Sisters of the Dawn old-school metal riffing and bleak vocals aims high and rarely falters before In the Silence brings unrivalled joy with a magnificently moody and melodic finale.

Psychotic Waltz – The God Shaped Void Full Track Listing:

1. Devils and Angels
2. Stranded
3. Back to Black
4. All the Bad Men
5. The Fallen
6. While the Spiders Spin
7. Pull the String
8. Demystified
9. Sisters of the Dawn
10. In the Silence


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Psychotic Waltz – The God Shaped Void (InsideOutMusic)
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