Album Review: Proscription – Conduit (Dark Descent Records)

Although a brand-new entity to some, Proscription’s origins can be traced all the way to the late 90’s, back when Terry ‘Christbutcher’ Clark was still living in his native Colorado, learning to raise hell with Excommunion. A decade later, after relocating to Finland, Maveth became his new vehicle and over the course of two demos, one album and one split CD redefined how ‘dark’ death metal ought to be and sound. And while the band’s sudden demise in 2017 took everybody by surprise, instead of resting on his laurels, Christbutcher immediately vowed to follow the same path albeit under a new flag of hate, Proscription.

The debut album, Conduit will be released on September 24th 2020 via Dark Descent Records.

Darkness flowing like water in a stream, the ambience created by the intro of Four Wings Within the Samiel is effective. It sounds oppressive and worrying, the perfect introduction for the extreme metal forcefulness that comes from the following I, The Burning Sun. Proscription blending black and death to craft a devastating assault of devilishness.

Like tentacles reaching out and softly sliding over your body, the danger and subsequent terror isn’t immediate. It’s only as the grip tightens (Red Sacrament, Black Communion) and becomes choking (Radiant Midnight) that the realisation sinks in that there is no escape.

The hopelessness that comes from Proscription’s brand of blackened death is thick. So much so that it has a defined taste that few won’t enjoy experiencing over and over again. Thy Black Nimbus Gate, Voiceless Calling, Blessed Feast of Black Seth… all appetisingly twisted and dark.

The mind will be feeling quite heavy by time To Reveal the Words Without Words ring out with a monumental tempo and the title track explodes with all the fury of hell unleashed.

It’s bloody great.

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Proscription – Conduit Full Track Listing:

1. Four Wings Within the Samiel
2. I, The Burning Son
3. Red Sacrament, Black Communion
4. Radiant Midnight
5. Thy Black Nimbus Gate
6. Voiceless Calling
7. Blessed Feast of Black Seth
8. To Reveal the Words Without Words
9. Conduit




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Proscription - Conduit (Dark Descent Records)
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