Album Review: Port Noir – Cuts (Despotz Records)

Sweden’s ground-breaking rock act Port Noir are primed and ready to return with their brand-new album. Called ‘Cuts’, it will be released on March 11th, 2022 via Despotz Records.

Port Noir had this to say about the album:

With this album we wanted to delve deeper into the sound and style of our earlier albums and try to create something fresh. We recorded the album live without click this time to capture the real intensity and flow of the songs. This album has a slightly darker feel than our previous release, but it is still very energetic and has a lot of intensity and depth.

The result is something that we are very proud of and we think that we succeeded in delivering everything we set out to achieve.

An electric fusion of rock, dark-pop and R&B, Port Noir have been making waves over their past few releases. Their willingness to adapt, change and challenge has seen them gain fans from all walks of life and Cuts is sure to only extend that. Simply put, this is not exclusively for anyone but is also exclusively for everyone.

Rock music that has a contemporary vision, R&B that has a danceability to it and dark-pop that adds a gloomier and colder layer. There is no denying that Port Noir aren’t following any particular musical rules here. Though, of course, that level of experimentation brings with it a ton of risks but, for the most part, Port Noir navigate past them with ease.

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Part of that comes from the simplicity that comes from their rhythmic, live-infused energetic bounce and their innate ability to make things feel dark but not consuming. Sweet & Salt, a track that has a harder rock edge, is likely to be more palatable for those who struggle with the poppier and R&B fused numbers. As wwll, tracks like All Class, Preach and Entertain Us will please those who want to rock out more than dance.

Port Noir are at their best on this album though when they really fuse the styles together such as on the unusually catchy Emerald Green and groovy Deep Waters and rhythmic Unclean. Three tracks that exemplify just what Port Noir are going for on Cuts.

Will you go for it? It’s hard to say as its melding of genres and musical styles does create clashes that many will struggle to get by. However, it’s clear that Port Noir are aiming for the stars and on this showing, there’s no question they’re going to make it.

Port Noir – Cuts Full Track Listing:

1. All Class
2. Wild
3. Sweet & Salt
4. Emerald Green
5. Deep Waters
6. Preach
7. Unclean
8. Monument
9. Entertain Us


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Port Noir - Cuts (Despotz Records)
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