Album Review: Pop Evil – Versatile (eOne)

US rock/metal titans Pop Evil will release their sixth album ‘Versatile’ on the 21st May, 2021 via eOne.

A genre-defying band, Pop Evil are a square peg that’s attempting to be jammed into a circle shaped hole. That’s not an insult, in fact it’s something the band revel in and it’s something that has garnered them a huge and dedicated fan base. A bit metalcore, rap-metal, hip-hop infused EDM, nu-metal groove, rock and more. It’s a wild and modern approach to music, one that constantly keeps you guessing and excited to hear what comes next.

If one track doesn’t quite land for you, chances are you’re about to hear something that might shortly afterwards. Don’t enjoy the fusion of nu-metal beats and bursts of intense heaviness on opener, Let the Chaos Reign? Try the melodic-tinged, chorus driven, groove heavyweight pit-opener that is Set Me Free or the grandiose metalcore anthem that is Breathe Again.

Three different styles of music coming from Pop Evil but with the thread of catchy heaviness being the thing that connects them all.

There’s no chance of getting comfortable though as Work brings an EDM/rap hybrid forward. One that will have some recoiling in horror, others greeting warmly. It’s Pop Evil doing what they do best and challenging musical conventions, take them as they are, this track is simply a ‘love it or hate it’ offering.

Less polarising, Inferno’s initial quiet mellow reflection builds to a powerful crescendo. Stronger (The Time is Now) is another anthem to make everyone feel that little bit ‘stronger’ when things are getting too heavy. Raise Your Flag is a defiant sing-along to keep the energy focused where it should be, on rocking out to Pop Evil. Before Human Nature shows off some smile-inducing beats and guitar flourishes. Here we have a genuinely great selection of tracks that proves Pop Evil have so much variety in their sound.

Survivor looks like it’s still all about the chill. The country-style guitar twang and chorus is a massive seller for this track. Unsurprisingly, as catchy and foot-tapping as always. However, suddenly it switches up and brings with it some heavier groove while still being the same track clearly. It’s brief but very impactful.

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Sticking with power but dialing up the EDM a touch, we then get Worst In Me. Before Same Blood explodes with vibrancy. It’s not constantly high tempo but when it does kick in, that anthemic quality is so undeniable. Which leads to an ending that you can see coming a mile away, just because of what has been experienced so far. A Pop Evil epic, in their own unique way. A track with massive metal melody and thumping power in the instruments. You’ll feel this track in your bones.

Versatile has the potential to capture a mainstream rock and metal audience’s attention. Pop Evil have the potential to be selling out arenas on the back of this record.

Pop Evil – Versatile Full Track Listing:

1. Let the Chaos Reign
2. Set Me Free
3. Breathe Again
4. Work
5. Inferno
6. Stronger (The Time is Now)
7. Raise Your Flag
8. Human Nature
9. Survivor
10. Worst In Me
11. Same Blood
12. Fire Inside




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Pop Evil - Versatile (eOne)
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