Album Review: Planet Eater – Blackness From The Stars (Self Released)

Coming out of Regina, Saskatchewan is Planet Eater with their debut album, Blackness from the Stars. A ferocious death metal record, it will be unleashed independently on August 4th 2017.

Planet Eater 1

There is no taking Planet Eater as anything but deathly serious when they’re delivering such fresh metal sounds as The Boats & Pile of Bones. Hyper-aggressive vocals with a deep brooding guitar tone, it’s death metal as you know it but with a really modern take on groove.

Consistently mind-numbingly heavy riffs, explosive drum beats & plenty of hooky moments to keep the momentum going.

Planet Eater are the living embodiment of intensity, delivering a familiar but unique sound that will turn heads in abundance. It’s impossible to listen to the likes of Lies Evolution, Suffer What They Must & Kill on Sight & not want to jump into the nearest circle pit! Brutality has never sounded so good.

The unrelenting heaviness of the record is as unpredictable as it is exciting. Songs shift in style & shape constantly but never sound dis-jointed or uncontrolled. Planet Eater know exactly what they are doing, delivering an album that will be talked about for some time to come.

The penultimate track, The Spoil slows things down with a really grungy bass beat before the hell-spawned vocals kick in. The groove layered through this song is one of the best things to come out of the death metal world this year. The track of the album.

It’s with sadness but relief (because the constant assault is dangerous to your health) that the album comes to a finish with the title track. Blackness from the Stars slower pace is almost relaxing compared to the sonic destruction that came before. Still incredibly heavy, the beat here is less about beating you into submission, more about wrapping the rope around your neck & kicking you off the bridge.

With records like this Planet Eater have a great future ahead of them, for all its familiarity it’s incredibly fresh & unique sounding.

Planet Eater 2

Planet Eater – Blackness from the Stars Full Track Listing:

1. The Boats
2. Pile of Bones
3. Cold Confines
4. Lies Evolution
5. Suffer What They Must
6. Kill on Sight
7. A Fault to Fix
8. The Spoil
9. Blackness from the Stars

You can order the album now via Bandcamp as well as their debut self-titled EP. Find out more about the band over on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube!


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Planet Eater - Blackness From The Stars (Self Released)
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