Album Review: Pist – The Bleak Unrest (Self Released)

Riff heavy, stoner metal head-bangers Pist are back with a brand-new album called ‘The Bleak Unrest’. Out on February 24th, 2023.

One of the most beloved bands in the UK metal scene, Pist have worked hard to gain the reputation of an exhilarating stoner-infused metal band with consistently strong records and raucous live shows. We know, we’ve been to a few and they’re always an absolute blast. So much so that it’s said that to experience the full brilliance of Pist, you really need to see them live.

Though, that doesn’t mean their studio output pales in comparison, far from it and there’s no better proof than this brilliant new album.

Starting things off in extremely hot fashion, Bleak is a riff-monster and sees Pist moving at a frenzied pace. It’s pit-starting mayhem from the band, but capped off with a killer chorus that is stupidly anthemic and a guitar solo that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

The bar has been well and truly set high with that opener, but Pist aren’t too worried about leaping over it. Instead knocking back a beer and choosing to plough through it with the filthy groove of Life’s A Lie. The slower tempo really allowing the guitars and the vocals to shine. It’s all kinds of kick-ass.

Death To All, an apt title, is Pist showing just how wild they can be as they deliver one of the album’s most sphincter-tightening listens. The drumming on this track is on another level. Before Chorus of Nothing takes the listener into darker, melodic locales before exploding with an intensity that will make your eyes water and ears bleed. The beastliness of this track is something else and there’s no better example on the album of how Pist can so easily make your adrenaline spike.

Featuring a banger guest solo from Joe Clements of Redeye Revival, Sharpen the Knife is a crushing and crashing whirlwind of wicked guitar riffs, groovy bass hooks, rhythmic drumbeats, and gruff vocal viciousness. Another great reason to expend a ton of energy out of respect for what Pist have accomplished here.

Enough good things can’t be said about this album and how refined Pist sound these days. It’s what makes Their Voice Is Not Mine such a heart-pounding listen. A meaty, mean, and menacing track that turns into a speed freak of heaviness and is complimented by the vocals of James McBain from Hellripper.

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It’s also what makes Embrace the Grey such a thrill, where blackened roaring savagery meets bouts of pounding rhythm, for something that is downright inhuman sounding. Seemingly ending around the 3-and-a-half-minute mark, the tone changes significantly as echoing and emotive guitar melody rings out. Before Pist come back with even greater and grander aplomb. Easily the most elaborate and unique sounding track on the album.

Finally, it’s Until This World Has Fallen Apart and Pist closing out this stunner of a record with all their might and power. Delivering one last exhaustive example of their intense, riff-driven, heavy head-banging ways. Alongside some relaxing melodic tones. It is the cherry on top of this exceptional album.

Pist – The Bleak Unrest Full Track Listing:

1. Bleak
2. Life’s A Lie
3. Death To All
4. Chorus of Nothing
5. Sharpen the Knife
6. Their Voice Is Not Mine
7. Embrace the Grey
8. Until This World Has Fallen Apart


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Pist – The Bleak Unrest (Self Released)
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