Album Review: Pink Mass – Necrosexual (Self Released)

Due to be released on October 31st 2017, Necrosexual is the debut album from New Jersey based Pink Mass. A band whose business is filth-ridden, crusty grind.

Pink Mass 1

“Pink Mass promote sexual freedom and embracing your inner debased self – a strangely empowering sense of finding your own identity in a uniform society. It is, then, worth mentioning what a ‘Pink Mass’ is referring to – A “Pink Mass” is a Satanic ritual performed after death that turns the deceased’s heterosexual spirit into a homosexual one.”

After an oddball intro of spooky effects that seems to go on forever, Necrosexual absolutely explode out of the box. This is chaos, utter carnage that leaves everything lying in its wake.

The opening triple bomb of Hedonist Lament, Dismal Master & Beastial Sodomizers are all a barrage of noise where picking out elements is near impossible. Somehow though, it all begins to make sense as your mind adapts. Order begins to appear amongst the ferocity of the short, intensity filled tracks.

The further you submerge yourself into the murky waters of Pink Mass, the more it begins to consume you. You’ll be fighting for air at first but eventually you’ll just let go & allow yourself to float within it.

It’s not all intense white-hot noise all of the time though. The likes of Extinction of the Breeders & Altar of Domination deliver more rhythmic & structured death metal tunes. These moments are brief though as Pink Mass are all about intensely filth covered grindcore. Vorified Master, Craving Asphyxiation & Excorciated Purity bring a crust of dirt so thick that it will take you hours to wash it off.

A wickedly intense album comes to a close with the longest track on the album, F.O.A.D. A track that brings all the disgust heard so far but wraps it up in a doomy intro before increasing the ferocity to impossibly high levels.

“Place Your Faith in Filth!”

Yes, yes we do.

Pink Mass 2

Pink Mass – Necrosexual Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Hedonist Lament
3. Dismal Master
4. Beastial Sodomizers
5. Crypt Perversor
6. Extinction of the Breeders
7. Interlude
8. Vorified Master
9. Altar of Domination
10. Craving Asphyxiation
11. Excoriated Purity
12. F.O.A.D
13. Outro

You can pick up Pink Mass’ music over on Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer & via Apple Music below. You can find out much more about the band over on Facebook.


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Pink Mass - Necrosexual (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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