Album Review: Pestilent Reign – Pyres (Rising Nemesis Records/Rebirth the Metal Productions)

Pyres is the debut full-length release of German death-metallers, Pestilent Reign. The eight track record is out on March 16th 2018 via Rising Nemesis Records and Rebirth the Metal Productions.

Pyres 2

Walking the line between a modern style of death metal and old school heaviness, Pyres is a groove-laden, hook-heavy take on an genre that needs a bit of life injected into it occasionally. Pyres isn’t quite that record, though. Is it good? Absolutely. Is it heavy? Without question. Is it memorable? Not so much.

The problem lies in the lack of moments. The album is filled with thrashy hooks, screeching flourishes and an underlying devastation but it doesn’t sound or feel unique enough.

It’s hard to be wowed by Pyres, a pity as there is plenty of good coming from the likes of Martyr, a track that shows off what modern heavy metal can be. Or the exciting, curling groove of Saviour and the lively beat of Cleanse the Flesh.

Ultimately it’s a record that doesn’t feel like it’s got a lot of purpose. It’s easy to zone out of & no amount of thumping drums & ruthlessness in the rhythm is changing that.

The album does end stronger then it began though with Zealot firing off some seriously strking technical riffing & showcasing vision not really found elsewhere. While Gutter’s Filth merciless pace forces you to pay attention. The fierce drumming just one element that makes this a damn fine finish.

Here’s hoping that Pestilent Reign can build on what they’ve tried to accomplish here!

Pyres 1

Pestilent Reign – Pyres Full Track Listing:

1. Martyr
2. You Will Kneel in Piss and Blood
3. Saviour
4. Ouroboros
5. Cleanse the Flesh
6. Zealot
7. I.M.T.R.M
8. Gutter’s Filth

Pyres will be available to order on Rising Nemesis Records Bandcamp here and via Big Cartel here. It will also be available via Rebirth the Metal Productions’ Bandcamp here. It will also be available via most streaming services including Apple Music below. Keep up to date with news by liking Pestilent Reign’s Facebook Page and pick up earlier releases via the band’s Bandcamp here.

Pestilent Reign - Pyres (Rising Nemesis Records/Rebirth The Metal Productions)
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