Album Review: Parrilla – Femme Fatale: Ensnared by Venus (Self Released)

Ensnared by Venus is the first part of the Femme Fatale trilogy of EPs from Parrilla – an industrial metal force of nature, unafraid to detonate reckless sonic devices beneath the boundaries of the genre and dance amongst the wreckage.

This is where the real Parrilla story starts – with Ensnared by Venus and the Femme Fatale trilogy. On July 30th, 2021 dare the wiles of Venus and follow Parrilla over the edge, into a world of twisted desire and desperate lust…


This does feel like the first step to Parrilla attempting to get themselves out of the underground scene and into more mainstream ears. Their brand of dark and heavy industrial metal is the sort of stuff that could have wide-ranging appeal. It certainly appeals to us and we like a lot of different styles of metal.

Law of Texas builds anticipation for an eruption of heavy gothic-tinged industrial noise and doesn’t disappoint when it hits. A noisy crashing of instrumentation, the dark vocals tones play off the intense guitars and drums nicely. If this is your first experience of Parrilla, there can be no doubt that the band lean towards the heavier end of the industrial spectrum.

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Although there is a notable ‘upping’ of industrial passion on the following Bleed, Cry, Pray, Die. A tad more gothic, a tad weirder and a tad more eclectic. Although, it does electrify the senses with its sharpness. Show Me then drops the tempo and really goes dark but with a nice touch of sleaze to make it stand out from the pack.

The highlight of the record comes next with Mannequin Complex. Where the cold and gothic melody opening gives way to an absolute beast of a roar. The slamming of instruments is surprisingly heavy and throughout they add so much weight to Parrilla’s familiar industrial sound. A kick-ass tune.

Talking about sexy sounding metal though, Desire’s high-tempo groove and industrial sleaze is great fun. Before the EP wraps up with Femme Fatale, a hyperactive effort with a thick guitar sound and punchy industrial beats.

It’s a strong effort from Parrilla that shows how far they’ve come. Fans of dark industrial metal will have a good time here.

Parrilla – Femme Fatale: Ensnared by Venus Full Track Listing:

1. Law of Texas
2. Bleed, Cry, Pray, Die
3. Show Me
4. Mannequin Complex
5. Desire
6. Femme Fatale


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Parrilla - Femme Fatale: Ensnared by Venus (Self Released)
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