Album Review: Paragnosis – Clarity In Three (Redux) (Self Released)

Most bands start off instrumental, in search of a vocalist to complement their style. In the case of Paragnosis, they went the other way round. After one single in 2015, they decided to pursue their brand of progressive metal with a silent microphone.

Clarity in Three, originally released a couple years back, is now emerging with a new lick of paint and a brand new song entitled ‘Asthmatic’. This extended version is well worth a spin for fans of instrumental prog, or as an entry point for those new to the genre.

Clarity in Three (Redux) is due for release on 31 August in both digital and CD format.

Paragnosis 2

With no prior knowledge of this album, there are no comparisons to make, just seven tracks of deep and meaningful progressive metal. The production job on this record is outstanding. Every single nuance is clear and it allows the excellent intricacies of the record to really shine because that’s what Clarity in Three (Redux) is all about. The detail tucked away behind groovy guitars and sharp percussion.

A fantastically complex but so listenable start in Maggots is followed up the eerie melody of Better off Dead and the stunning groove of Hindsight. The latter of the those tracks is downright brilliant with its high energy riffing, un-nerving shifts and screaming solo.

Who needs a vocalist, eh?

Certainly not Paragnosis as they continue to prove just how much of an exceptionally talented band they are with the unbelievably rich Foresight. The bass alone in that track will make a grown person weep with joy.

Not a moment of disappointment except that it has to end. Happily though, Paragnosis makes sure their name will be spoken with reverence thanks to a finale that leaves nothing but satisfaction.

Paragnosis 1

Paragnosis – Clarity in Three (Redux) Full Track Listing:

1. Maggots
2. Interlude
3. Better Off Dead
4. Hindsight
5. Foresight
6. Condition
7. Asthmatic

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Paragnosis - Clarity In Three (Redux) (Self Released)
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