Album Review: Paradise Lost – Host: Remastered (Nuclear Blast)

On March 16th 2018, British cult metallers Paradise Lost will release a remastered version of their legendary seventh studio album, ‘Host’ and a first-ever pressing of the songs on vinyl. Originally released in 1999, Host saw the band moving further away from their previous death metal roots to a melancholic and catchier electropop sound.

Singer Nick Holmes comments: “With the ‘Host’ album we wanted to take the ‘One Second’ concept further and make a very dark album with even more subtlety. It was a bold leap from all our previous albums, a leap too far some would say, but for me, the new remastered version really shows it’s still one of the band’s strongest albums in terms of song writing, atmosphere and sheer misery.”

Host 2

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Long-term Paradise Lost certainly got a shock when Host was released. It was such a departure for them & even stranger to go back & listen too considering they’ve returned to their death/doom roots nowadays.

Does that mean it’s a bad album though? Hell no. Its electro-pop/industrial sound is reminiscent of the likes of Nine Inch Nails. The melancholic opener So Much is Lost sets the scene perfectly with it’s darkened melodies, electronica effects & sombre vocals. It’s followed by the genuinely brilliant Nothing Sacred, a track that delivers wonderful rock backed up by excellent use of a violin.

So much of Host is driven by Holmes’ excellent vocals & his soft & sombre approach adds a layer of darkness to even the most upbeat effect or melody. Not that the album has much in the way of that. This is an album that plays as you walk in the rain reminiscing about lost loves.

Tracks like Harbour, It’s Too Late, Behind the Grey and Wreck are depressive & introspective wonders that won’t leave you feeling great but will leave you satisfied.

It’s not perfect though. Both Ordinary Days & Made the Same are bland & utterly forgettable while Year of Summer sounds like the band had run out of ideas at this stage.

Host does end positively as the title track is one last subtle use of electronica mixed with classic instruments & memorable vocals. It might have been wildly different but this offering from Paradise Lost is well worth remembering as a high point in their career.

Host 1

Paradise Lost – Host (Remastered) Full Track Listing:

1. So Much is Lost
2. Nothing Sacred
3. In All Honesty
4. Harbour
5. Ordinary Days
6. It’s Too Late
7. Permanent Solution
8. Behind the Grey
9. Wreck
10. Made the Same
11. Deep
12. Year of Summer
13. Host

You can order the album in a number of formats via Nuclear Blast here.

Paradise Lost - Host: Remastered (Nuclear Blast)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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