Album Review: Panzer Squad – Ruins (Testimony Records)

Panzer Squad was founded in 2012 as a five piece band, but it took them 4 more years, lots of line-up changes and a demo on the way to release their first mini album ‘Coming To Your Town’ in 2016.

After lots of shows and a few splits, the now final line-up of Tobi (guitars & vocals), Sven (bass) and Henni (drums) found their style throughout 2017. Resulting in the recordings of ‘Ruins’: A mixture of old school 80s Thrash and D-Beat-Punk. All about violence, drugs, insanity and death.

The album will be released on August 31st via Testimony Records.

Panzer Squad 2

A no-frills and no-nonsense thrash album through and through, Ruins has one aim. To make you bang your head as hard as possible across the 13 tracks that make up the album. There are no surprises here. Extinction, Death Toll and Escapist all firing out hyper-paced metal riffs, screeching solos, crushing percussion and hellish vocals.

The lack of variation isn’t really a problem as ultimately this is a record for thrash fans and Panzer Squad do it so well, there can be few complaints. There’s nothing complex about the fiery guitar solo that erupts from Sewer Rat, the punky pace of Singular Purpose, the assault of noise that is the minute long Victims of War and the thrashiest of thrash songs, Zombie Shot.

Like a sharp jab to the ribs, Panzer Squad’s Ruins is a fleeting moment of pain and surprise. One that you’ll realistically forget about shortly afterwards. Not that the band don’t throw their all into making sure you feel it.

Panzer Squad 1

Panzer Squad – Ruins Full Track Listing:

1. Extinction
2. Death Toll
3. Escapist
4. Sewer Rat
5. Societal Funeral
6. Singular Purpose
7. Shut In
8. Victims Of War
9. Delusionist
10. Approaching The End
11. Zombie Shot
12. After The Bombs
13. Warsystem (Shitlickers Cover)


You can order the album now via Testimony Records here and earlier releases via Panzer Squad here. Find out more by liking Panzer Squad’s Facebook Page.

Panzer Squad - Ruins (Testimony Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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