Album Review: Owl Company – Iris (Eclipse Records)

Owl Company’s second album is entitled ‘Iris’ featuring thirteen hook-laden alternative metal anthems. It is out on November 9th 2018 via Eclipse Records.

Iris 2

Bringing high-tempo groove covered in sleazy riffs, down-right dirty hooks and wickedly catchy choruses, Owl Company’s new album is one to enjoy with a beer or two. It gets off to a flier with One Last Time and Boogie Man. Both tracks are high energy affairs and will put a little smile on the face thanks to the growling vocals and in your face riffing.

After such a frantic start, it’s no surprise that a slower, more melodic track follows in Rise. Here, you can’t help but get an Alter Bridge vibe. Depending on your feelings towards the rock giants, you’ll either think it’s a great track or an awful one. Me? It’s bland and unexciting.

Owl Company are at their best when hitting big choruses and letting the riffs fly. Antagonist, Dawn of Days and Broken Paradigm do this with veritable ease.

Is it perfect? No. Disconnected fails to spark to life and Forbidden is forgettable.

The Other Side rescues things though with a trippy bit of guitar melody and some really deep bass that hooks sharply. It’s short-lived though as 13 tracks turn out to be a few to many.

Ultimately, the longer Iris goes on the less impact it has and the more distracted you become. The mind drifts away as Door’s dour rhythm plays out and Angel is just a little too sickly sweet to enjoy to its fullest.

While the latter parts of the album has a few misses, overall Iris has way more hits. It’s enjoyable hard rock/metal that delivers huge choruses, massive riffs and big moments.

Iris 1

Owl Company – Iris Full Track Listing:

1. One Last Time
2. Boogie Man
3. Rise
4. Antagonist
5. Shattered Dreams
6. Dawn of Days
7. Broken Paradigm
8. Disconnected
9. Forbidden
10. The Other Side
11. Shades
12. Door
13. Angel

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You can order the album via Eclipse Records here and it will be available via all major streaming services. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page.

Owl Company - Iris (Eclipse Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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