Album Review: Our Mirage – Eclipse (Arising Empire)

German modern metalcore quartet Our Mirage return with powerful new album Eclipse, set for release on the 25th of November via Arising Empire.

Modern metalcore is certainly expanding and more and more bands are infusing elements outside of the heavy sphere to gain the attention of an ever-exhausted audience, tired of hearing the same style of music coming from the same style of bands. It’s certainly an issue that plagues Our Mirage at first but through their sheer determination and talents, their new album Eclipse ends up being one of the more interesting albums heard in this genre this year.

Although, it doesn’t start off that way. As we get annoying electronica effects, uninspired rapping and ho-hum metalcore heaviness with Awakening. It’s not a great start even if there’s enough fire to make the head turn.

It’s with Black Hole that things seem to take hold as the melody and fiery infusions of metal combine nicely. Followed then by the heartfelt and passionate outburst that is Through the Night and the melodic dreaminess of Suffocating. Interesting and gripping, the choruses are strong and you can tell Our Mirage have sunk a lot of themselves into these tracks.

It’s that honesty that really starts to win things over as things get energised and anthemic with Learn to Be Alone. A short intermission that has eerie effects and spoken word coms next in the form of Myself. Before it’s back to a powerful form of vocal gymnastics, scathing guitars and wide-ranging melody with Calling You. Our Mirage having really grown into their sound and in full control as they expand into the second half of the record.

Showcasing their most intricate offering yet with Vicious Cycle, an energised bout of modern melodic metalcore with Help Me Out!, a thought-provoking chorus-driven effort with Remedy, and a powerful penultimate listen with the title track.

The album then wraps up with Summertown, a track that features the Breakdown Bros. A track that has energetic heaviness and catchiness running through it like a vein. It’s surprisingly peppy, considering what has come elsewhere on the album. However, the effects-laden “wo-oh-oh” section is something the track could do without.

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Our Mirage - Eclipse (Arising Empire)
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