Album Review: Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Sixteen years have passed since Orodruin’s lone studio album, Epicurean Mass. The album is a veritable American doom touchstone — the almost perfect intersection of Black Sabbath heft and the slow atmospheric churn of Saint Vitus. And while those two bands are a proper frame of reference for Orodruin and the American doom scene at large, the Rochester, New York-based outfit immediately proved itself to be its own unique, formidable entity, the creative unit of John Gallo (guitar), Mike Puleo (bass/vocals), Nick Tydelski (guitar) and Mike Waske (drums) writing an album equally as epic as it was forlorn.

The wait is finally over — Orodruin has returned with a brand-new studio album and their first for Cruz Del Sur Music, Ruins of Eternity. It will be released on October 25th 2019.

There’s no escaping the ‘old-school’ doom vibes of Orodruin’s comeback album. After all, they are the old school and with a rich history, have poured all their doom efforts into crafting a magical release.

A release that is filthy and rank, dark and comfortable, twisted and clear…simply put Ruins of Eternity is modern doom classic.

The ease in which Orodruin take us drifting through the cosmos on wings of groovy riffing, punchy hooks and mellow rhythm is astonishing. Track after track of inspired old-school doom, the likes of Man of Peace, War on the World and Hell Frozen Over standing out as the best the album has to offer.

However, so rooted in doom is Ruins of Eternity, it’s unlikely to win over an naysayers of the style. Even if the clarity of Orodruin’s sound makes it way more listenable. It’s a great release and an even better return for an iconic name.

Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity Full Track Listing:

1. Forsaken
2. Man of Peace
3. Grave Illusion
4. Letter of Life’s Regret
5. War on the World
6. Into The Light of the Sun
7. Voice in the Dark
8. Hell Frozen Over
9. Ruins of Eternity


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Orodruin - Ruins of Eternity (Cruz Del Sur Music)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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