Album Review: One Eyed Jack – What ‘m I Getting High On? (Fil 1933 Group)

Italian progressive rock band, One Eyed Jack released their second album, What ‘m I Getting High On? on March 13th 2017 via Fil 1933 Group.

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10 songs of fun, interesting & grunge-groove infused rock, What ‘m I Getting High On? starts things off with the bass heavy Primetime. An energetic number that really gets the juices flowing; the production on the album is top notch stuff. Every note, sequel of a guitar, bass drop & vocal line is perfectly clear.

Those who enjoy their grunge sound will get a kick out of the slower, Soon Back Home. Coming so soon after the up-tempo first two songs it’s lacking in vibrant energy but is an incredibly comforting piece of music.

The groovy pace is brought back for Shitting Blood & the fantastic, move your body to the music, Sgrunt. The best song on the album, it’s imaginative, unique & so catchy!

Any doubts that One Eyed Jack haven’t produced a killer of an album is put to bed with the softer, The Edge of the Soul. Bringing back a more modern grunge sound (Alice in Chains) it is a vast improvement over Soon Back Home. The longest song on the album, it’s one you just don’t want to end. Beautiful melody, great guitar work & heart-wrenching vocals.

Daily Abuse & Drama Shit’s up beat riffing keeps things ticking along nicely before the moody & bass led beat of Washyall lays some more grungy sounds on you.

What ‘m I Getting High On? ends on the excellent Dog Fight. A finish filled with great melody, haunting vocals that are tinged with emotion & a final hard rocking flourish that makes you want to punch the air in joy. It’s a sad farewell to an incredible album.

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One Eyed Jack – What ‘m I Getting High On? Full Track Listing:

1. Primetime
2. Little Junior Finally Grew A Beard
3. Soon Back Home
4. Shitting Blood
5. Sgrunt
6. The Edge of the Soul
7. Daily Abuse
8. Drama Shit
9. Washyall
10. Dog Fight

You can pick up What ‘m I Getting High On? over on Bandcamp as well as some of the band’s earlier music below through Apple Music. Find out more about One Eyed Jack over on Facebook where you can also find out more about Fil 1933 Group on Facebook here.


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One Eyed Jack - What 'm I Getting High On? (Fil 1933 Group)
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