Album Review: Of Virtue – What Defines You (SharpTone Records)

Rising Michigan metal band Of Virtue will release their awaited new album, What Defines You, with SharpTone Records on May 24th 2019.

The band had this to say:

“What Defines You is a testament to anyone who has been told to give up, been beaten down by life, for those who believe that they aren’t good enough, those who struggle to dream, or see beyond their own circumstances. With What Defines You we chose to tell ourselves that we will construct our own future, for better or for worse, through hard work, dedication, and learning from our past.”

Of Virtue 2

It’s not just a cluttered metal scene but a cluttered metalcore scene and few bands are capable of rising to the top now purely because it’s hard to sound interesting or fresh. Of Virtue are a name that already holds weight within the genre so the question is if they can make the step up to greatness with their new album.

The answer is a yes and no. On the one hand their brand of meaty and melodic heaviness isn’t anything we’ve not heard before. However, on the other hand they certainly do it very well and it’s very hard to not get on board with the explosive nature of the likes of No Control, the uplifting chorus of Alone and the unbelievably good Suffer. That one there being the highlight of the album’s first half.

Sandwiched in between the mood-altering lower-tempo of Immortal and the effects-driven and bonus vocals of Kalie Wolfe is the fire and fury of Thanks for Nothing. A trio of tracks that really put Of Virtue in the upper tier of metalcore’s elite.

It doesn’t stop there as heavy guitar riffing, furious vocals and deep percussion comes thick and fast with I Won’t Break and Surrounded. The latter arguably the most groove-friendly and exciting track on the album.

Finally we have Torn Apart and Confide in Me, the former taking things slow again but delivering an absolute metalcore epic that soars. While the latter finishes off one of the better metalcore releases heard this year with circle-pitting fury.

It’s a bloody good one even if it’s a little familiar.

Of Virtue 1

Of Virtue – What Defines You Full Track Listing:

1. No Control
2. Alone
3. Suffer
4. Immortal
5. Thanks for Nothing
6. Pictures of You (feat. Kalie Wolfe)
7. I Won’t Break
8. Surrounded
9. Torn Apart
10. Confide in Me

It will be available via all major streaming services but can be ordered via SharpTone Records here.


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Of Virtue - What Defines You (SharpTone Records)
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