Album Review: Obscurity – Skogarmaors (Trollzorn)

Obscurity have forged their ninth studio album calling it ‘Skogarmaors’ and they will unleash it upon the world on August 27th, 2021 via Trollzorn.

Since the last full-length, the highly acclaimed ‘Streitmacht’ (2017), the band’s line-up has changed and with guitarist Askar and drummer Isarn the quintet from the Bergisch Land welcomes two new brothers in their ranks.

A mammoth album of blackened death, Viking and traditional black metal. Obscurity take the listener on a near-hour long journey of dark heaviness. One that draws influences from Nordic mythology and contemporary social subjects.

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A focused blast, the crunchy instrumentation and guttural vocal performance is tinged with epic flourishes that enhance a powerful sound. Though be under no illusions – the goal of this album is hit hard and hit heavily, which is easily accomplishes. It just so happens to be sourced from interesting inspirations, weaved around several metal genres and varied enough to hold the interest for nearly an hour.

Long term fans won’t find much in the way of experimentation (although there is something) as Obscurity continue their brand of dominance in style. They’ve been wrecking necks since the late 90s and have been consistent over the following decades. Skogarmaors keeps the consistency while also showing that the band are not relaxing or phoning it in at this stage of their careers.

If you want a wrecked neck, the sheer head-banging drive of this album will deliver. Watch out for the bonus track Valkyria though if you’re after something different!

Obscurity – Skogarmaors Full Track Listing:

1. Wodanaz Kriger
2. Niedertracht
3. Ethnogenese
4. Konstantinopel
5. Geist von Neuenberge
6. Skogarmaors
7. Glod En Isa
8. Blot
9. Legion
10. Bergische Löwen Pt.2
11. Dies Ater
12. Schwertmission
13. Valkyria (Bonus Track)


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Obscurity - Skogarmaors (Trollzorn)
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