Album Review: Nuclear Warfare – Empowered By Hate (MDD Records)

Old school German thrash metallers, Nuclear Warfare will release their new album, Empowered by Hate on August 4th 2017 via MDD Records.

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Empowered by Hate is 10 tracks of neck-breaking thrash metal, drawing influences from the cream of the 80’s heydays. After the Battle showcases this with its ‘take no prisoner’ hard riffing, harsh vocals & explosive solo. It’s followed up by the even more brutal pace of Let the Hate Reign & Mata Com Faca.

There’s some real urgency to Empowered by Hate, Nuclear Warfare are going for the ‘face-melting’ style of thrash. It’s old-school sounding but the quality riffs, bassy hooks & furious drum beats keep things ticking along nicely.

Things slow down slightly for Fear, adding a real groove quality to the guitars & having one of the punchier beats on the entire album.

The middle of the album doesn’t quite hold the attention as much as you’d hope but it’s still exciting stuff. A decent bit of riffing in Warlust, a nice groovy beat in Bite of the Viper & the head-banging crunch of Half Truths.

Those hoping for more innovation & imagination from their thrash should look elsewhere, Nuclear Warfare aren’t playing games. It’s a non-stop assault on the ears that does being to wane as the album comes to a close. It’s not that it starts to go bad, it just becomes tiresome hearing very little variation.

The melodic start to Nuclear Warfare comes as something of a surprise after 8 tracks of constant thrash metal but it’s short lived as the song quickly picks up pace into a blazing aggressive song that is just a couple of minutes too long.

The album wraps up with one final short blast of thrash. Thrash to the Bones doesn’t exactly finish things on a high. It’s as solid you as you might expect at this stage but it’s just not got enough oomph to see things over the finish line in style.

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Nuclear Warfare – Empowered by Hate Full Track Listing:

1. After the Battle
2. Let the Hate Reign
3. Mata Com Faca
4. Fear
5. Warlust
6. Bite of the Viper
7. Half Truths
8. A Nice Day
9. Nuclear Warfare
10. Thrash to the Bones

Head over to Nuclear Warfare’s official website to find out more about them & head over to MMD Records store to pick up their music. You can also stream/buy their albums from most major streaming services including Apple Music below. Give the band a like on Facebook & follow them on Twitter!


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Nuclear Warfare - Empowered By Hate (MDD Records)
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