Album Review: Nuclear Oath – Toxic Playground (Self Released)

Influenced by the likes of Pantera, Slipknot & Lamb of God, Alberta’s own Nuclear Oath will release their new album, Toxic Playground on June 9th 2017. A wall of hard-hitting groove metal, the album follows on from their debut EP, Ashes of the Unborn.

The band had this to say:

“We believe the album as a whole should captivate our listeners as we believe it showcases a good creative mesh of all our individual influences from track-to-track. We are here to fucking DESTROY!”

Nuclear Oath 1

Opening with the hard chugging, groove heavy Into the Depths of Hatred. The first thing that stands out is the serious bite in the vocals. There’s a serious amount of fire behind the squealing & roaring.

The band’s influences are clear throughout. There is a definite Lamb of God vibe in Confessions while Ambushed is very reminiscent of a classic Pantera sound. Both awesome songs in their own right though. Ambushed in particular has some of the best guitar riffing of the album. The melodic drop near the end is to die for & it is a serious contender for the best song on the album.

Toxic Playground is filled with destructive & infectious riffs. Nuclear Oath absolutely own this groovy metal sound with songs like Forsaken Wasteland just slaying. The hooks keep coming with the solid, meaty & thumping sounds of Faith Let Go & Razor Blade Regrets. The latter having some seriously sexy beat about it.

There’s nothing not to enjoy here. Guitar medleys & groovy beats all tied up in some serious heavy metal. The last few tracks just hammering the point home. Sacrifice the Fallen’s disjointed style is another contender for the best song on the album.

This fantastic album comes to an end with a remix of There Goes The Neighbourhood. Remixed and Remastered from 2016 EP Ashes of The Unborn, it’s a fine end to a groove laden record. For all it’s obvious influences it stands on it’s own two feet proudly.

Nuclear Oath 2

Nuclear Oath – Toxic Playground Full Track Listing:

1. Into The Depths Of Hatred
2. Confessions
3. Forsaken Wasteland
4. Ambushed
5. Faith Let Go
6. Razor Blade Regrets
7. Sacrifice The Fallen
8. Toxic Playground
9. Blind
10. (Bonus Track) There Goes The Neighbourhood (Remixed and Remastered from 2016 EP Ashes of The Unborn)

You can order Toxic Playground now over on Bandcamp as well as find out more about Nuclear Oath on Facebook & Twitter. You can also listen to some of their music on Soundcloud & YouTube.


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Nuclear Oath - Toxic Playground (Self Released)
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