Album Review: Northern Genocide – Genesis Vol. 666 (Inverse Records)

Northern Genocide was formed in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. In 2015 the band released its first EP “Planet Asylum” followed by its first music video featuring the track “Supernova” in November of that year.

Now the band releases its first full-length album with 11 tracks called “Genesis Vol. 666”. Out on August 30th 2019 via Inverse Records.

A melodic metal band with some blending of industrial synth and orchestral effects,. Northern Genocide are planning to make a splash with their debut album. Especially when you consider the quality of metal that comes out of Finland and there are comparisons to be made to the likes of Children of Bodom as well as the blacker side of metal.

Truth be told, if you just caught a bit of the title track and following Black Widow you might wonder if you were hearing a Bodom song. In particular when the vocals are present or the guitar shredding really kicks in. It’s familiar but not so much that it makes the record off-putting. Far from it, Northern Genocide have crafted a hell of an album. One with tracks that are guaranteed to get the head nodding along if not banging as hard as possible.

Where they really stand out is when they throw caution to the wind and utilise the synth effects to heighten the more evil sound of their metal. Tracks like Annihilation of the World of Spirits, Eclipse and The Avalanche. A couple of tracks with bundles of energy and enough interesting propositions dotted throughout to make North Genocide stand out that little bit more.


Northern Genocide – Genesis Vol. 666 Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Genesis vol. 666
3. Black Widow
4. Annihilation of the worl of spirits
5. Neon Antichrist
6. Ecplise
7. The siren
8. Soul dystopia
9. The avalanche
10. Sintropolis
11. Ikiruoste


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Northern Genocide - Genesis Vol. 666 (Inverse Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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