Album Review: Nokti – Cockschmerzen (HauRuck!/Crass Lips Records)

Nokti are a noise rock group based in Zagreb, Croatia since 2018. Their debut album Cockschmerzen was released on January 14th, 2021 via HauRuck! and Crass Lips Records. The album contains six parts that come in separate audio-visual forms.

It might only be 14 minutes long but Cockschmerzen is jam packed with a lot. Jam packed with a lot of weirdness that is unashamedly experimental and intensely imaginative. Nokti are a relatively new band but their members are not. Three of which also play in Hesperian Death Horse.

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Though this unit is all about crafting and creating unusual music for what can comfortably be called unusual times. Noise rock is the core but it’s pushing and twisting the limits of what some fans might be able to handle. Wild and wacky, bursts of frantic jazz, distorted effects and a disarray of instruments slamming together for something which bursts with life. Genius? At times, yes. It’s hard to not admire the confidence of this band to put such an eclectic release out into the world.

If you’ve got a quarter of an hour spare, it’s well worth checking out just so you can experience the madness for yourself.

Nokti – Cockschmerzen Full Track Listing:

1. Pijan od krvi
2. Delta kvadrant
3. Zlatna beba
4. Igrice
5. Gestatten Sie
6. Picina voda


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Nokti - Cockschmerzen (HauRuck!/Crass Lips Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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