Album Review: Nervus – The Evil One (Get Better Records)

Watford-born indie rock band Nervus are set to release their fourth album, The Evil One, via Get Better Records on June 24th, 2022.

Indie rock, but with a punk and power-pop twist. Nervus mark their post-pandemic return with a fourth album packed with infectious, energetic and smile-inducing tunes. Heartfelt and honest music that will compel the listener to move.

Kicking off with the high of Iconoclast, Nervus immediately buoy the spirit with a rollicking and rhythmic opener. Before Get Equal Get Even brings some energetic vibes and one hell of a sing-along chorus. Followed then by the kick-ass Drop Out and Rental Song. The former; a bit more rock chunkiness to the instruments but still eccentrically poppy. While the latter’s 70’s style melodies are both entertaining and exciting to the ears.

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It’s a fun record to listen too. The lighter rock sound mixed with punky and poppy elements certainly keeps things interesting too. At no point is it boring, tracks like I Wish I Was Dead, where Nervus really showcase heart and soul, and tracks like Rotting Mass, where Nervus groove it up quite nicely.



Jellyfish then sees the band delve a little deeper into their souls for a really heartfelt track that has some excellent guitar work and the vocals really hitting. Before Chew It and From Dirt sees the album reach its apex. The former; an awesome blend of punky sensibilities and light rock vibes (the most Weezer like the band has sounded). The latter; the fastest and most energised track on the album.

Which makes the finale of Absolute Yuck having the unfortunate task of following those two tracks. Though, happily, Nervus change tactics and wrap up a wonderful album with a ‘folksy’ bout of melody. A pure sing-along to end things on a high.

Nervus – The Evil One Full Track Listing:

1. Iconoclast
2. Get Equal Get Even
3. Drop Out
4. Rental Song
5. I Wish I Was Dead
6. Rotting Mass
7. Jellyfish
8. Chew It
9. From Dirt
10. Absolute Yuck


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Nervus - The Evil One (Get Better Records)
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