Album Review: Nephylim – Severance Of Serenity (Self Released)

Nephylim is a five-member melodic death metal band from ‘s-Hertogenbosch/Apeldoorn,  the Netherlands. Inspired by bands as Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Be’lakor, Nephylim brings the people a unique combination of aggressive death metal with progressive and atmospheric melodies, while small touches of Doom and Black metal complete the formula.

Their long-awaited debut album ‘Severance of Serenity’ will be released on the 18th of January 2020.

There are no shortage of bands that play melodic death metal these days but the ones that really make a splash are few. To really make a great melodic death metal album, you need to do more then just the sum of its suggested genres. Melody and heavy go great together but making it memorable is another thing.

Happily after hearing Severance of Serenity, Nephylim can now be counted as one of the bands who truly know how to make a splash.

Like the bands they cite as inspirations, Nephylim embody grandness in both a progressive and atmospheric way. It’s an event that you want to be part of, a firework display that wows or a well of cold water that you need to drink deeply from. For each listener, it will mean many different things but at its core it is simply top-shelf melodic metal.

Tracks like Vanquish the Sepsis and its evolving conundrum of guitar work. The heavier depth that comes from the drums and bass on Fractured Existence. The incredible punch of the riffs on Eye of the Storm. This is the stuff that really gets the attention this early in 2020. It may have taken them a while but Nephylim can be very proud of their efforts.

Nephylim – Severance of Serenity Full Track Listing:

1. Reminiscence
2. Forsaken
3. Vanquish the Sepsis
4. Aftermath
5. Fractured Existence
6. Reassurance
7. The Bitter Inheritance
8. Dust Veiled Sky
9. Eye of the Storm
10. Remembrance


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Nephylim - Severance Of Serenity (Self Released)
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