Album Review: Neker – Slower (Time to Kill Records)

Italian sludge/doom metaller Neker release his brand new album “Slower” on June 18th 2021 via Time to Kill Records.

Is there a more fitting name for this album then ‘Slower’? After wading my way through the 11 doom and sludge heavy tracks, it seems not. That’s not a slur on Neker’s new release though as it is exactly what it promises… and then some.

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Dark, intense and heavy throughout but layered with melodic ambience. It’s the latter that makes such a mammoth-sized album all the more palatable. Not that many will have trouble swallowing the smooth heaviness even though jagged guitars and sharp hooks might tear the inside of the throat up a bit.

A seemingly never-ending drop into bleak darkness, Neker prove to be a worthy companion on the way down. In a way, this level of intensity is almost comforting. Partially because it is so damn enjoyable but also because Neker are so very good at it. One man? Insane.

If it has any problem, and this really is being picky, it is that it’s probably a track or two too long. It’s such an energy sapper, that by time the latter portion of the album comes along, the mind has been turned into mush. It’s picky though because Neker haven’t lost the fire or the ability to make the stomach churn from the drop.

The combination of sludge and doom means there are a variety of tempos throughout. Never getting fast but some tracks have a fair bit more anger to them and those ones absolutely slay. Try and not head-bang to them – it’s impossible. Whereas the doomier stuff is all about getting down low and letting the waves of noise wash over you.

Just don’t drown.

Neker – Slower Full Track Listing:

1. Nosferatu
2. Like There’s No Tomorrow
3. Too Fierce
4. Another One
5. A Kind Of Pain
6. Something From Nowhere
7. Pretty Fucking Far From Ok
8. The Birth Of Pain
9. Laura Palmer’s Theme
10. The World I’m Writing For
11. Deception Of The Guardian


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Neker - Slower (Time to Kill Records)
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