Album Review: Nasty – Menace (Century Media Records)

The metallic hardcore outfit Nasty upcoming and first album on their new found label home, Century Media Records: “Menace” is set for a release on September 25th 2020.

The band comments:

As most people we and all our families got hit really hard by the pandemic and the restrictions that came with it. We even had to find creative ways how to handle parts of the songwriting online and obviously also the recordings. Some guitars were tracked online and Matthi ended up doing all vocals including backing vocals himself. Video shootings that were already planned a long time in advance needed to be rescheduled…” Regardless the band made it happen and “Menace” is capturing NASTY 100% in the here and now: Fucked up music for a fucked-up world.

Nasty music for a nasty time. No matter how positive a person who are, it’s has been very hard to not be dragged down into the mire this year. It’s been near-impossible to not get angry at some point and the soundtrack to that sinking is Nasty’s Menace.

A furious hardcore beast, it is utter chaos from the very start and it’s impossible to not love. All the frustrations felt, coming out in a flurry of fury. Nasty bringing incredible energy with breakdowns powerful enough to crack skulls. No doubt something that would turn into a reality at a live show when Nasty hit the stage.

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Perhaps the most memorable moments though, are when the band slows things down only to erupt again in an utterly violent display of turbulence.

With only one track going over the 3-minute mark and most coming in at around the 2-minute mark, there is very little time to let an individual effort sink in. Instead, see Menace as a 30-minute speech that gets more and more impassioned as it goes on. Turning the crowd rabid with fury, ready to rip the cause of the world’s ills to shreds.

It’s very hard to deny the pull it has to join the mob; such is the hardcore appetite of this album.

Nasty – Menace Full Track Listing:

1. Ultimate
2. Bulletrain
3. Menace
4. Be Careful
5. 666AM
6. Tricky Plays
7. Betrayer
8. You Will Know My Name
9. Inhale/Exhale
10. Blood Crop
11. Addicted
12. Table Of Kings
13. The End Of The World
14. Ballad Of Bullets


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Nasty - Menace (Century Media Records)
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