Album Review: Mystik – Mystik (I Hate Records)

Mystik is hailed as the new hope within the Swedish Heavy/Speed Metal movement and the 17th May 2019 finally brings the group’s self-titled debut album!

The band started out in 2016, releasing a demo tape limited to 300 copies during 2018 (these sold out in two weeks!) and has since gigged massively, building up a large following.

It’s finally time for the album and it will be released via I Hate Records.

Mystik 2

There is no getting away from the classic speed metal sound of Mystik but then again, it’s something they embrace! With a modern spin on it though, we have an album that can stand on its own two feet as its own record and not a tribute to the sound of yester-year.

So what do we have as a starter? Hyper riffing on Into Oblivion, hard thrashy style heaviness on Nightmares and metal intensity of Ancient Majesty. All covered in sultry vocals that exude power.

It’s more business as usual but at a higher quality then most as Mystik bring us some really raging heaviness with Gallows Hill. The guitars and drums creating a hell of a metal storm here.

We then get some good old fashioned galloping riffs with Lake of Necrosis although the partially sung Swedish vocals make this particular track stand out as the best on the album.

Hellish Force, Bleed for the Night and the title track were never going to be able to follow that but as the latter half of the album they more then deliver quality speed metal goodness.

One of the best things in Swedish heavy metal? Absolutely.

Mystik 1

Mystik – Mystik Full Track Listing:

1. Into Oblivion
2. Nightmares
3. Ancient Majesty
4. Gallows Hill
5. Lake of Necrosis
6. Hellish Force
7. Bleed for the Night
8. Mystik
9. Ritual (Outro)



The album can be ordered via I Hate Records here. Find out more about Mystik via their Facebook Page.

Mystik - Mystik (I Hate Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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