Album Review: Mutilatred – Determined to Rot (Redefining Darkness Records)

Other than Gatecreeper, who entered the death metal realm around the same time, Mutilatred are the unsung pioneers of this whole “Primitive Caveman” death metal movement. With one full length and 4 Eps behind them, Mutilatred are back with their sophomore album, Determined to Rot. It will be released on May 13th, 2022 via Redefining Darkness Records.

Determined to Rot or determined to show that uncomplicated and brutal death metal still has a place in 2022, Mutilatred bring the savagery on this new album. Savagery that is ingrained in their sound, a guttural expulsion of hate, disgust and fury.

Twelve (Thirteen if you include the bonus track, Outro) examples of what your grandmother might call ‘noise’. Mutilatred keep things short, sharp, fast and heavy, all the way up to the end where they then throw out a surprise with the near 8-minute title track.

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Let the wave of revulsion wash over you again and again as Mutilatred attempt to drown you in the curdling mire that is tracks likes Everyone’s Doing Shitty, Veins Kind of Clogged, Eroded Brain, All the Way Dead, Sickened to Death and Shitted (Out). Amongst those are sores that take just a bit longer to erupt in sticky, stomach-churning fashion.

Death metal like this comes with the tag ‘primitive’ for a reason and even if that makes no sense to you at first, one run-through of this will clear all of that up. It’s primitive death metal and admittedly, you have to have an ear for that. Though, it’s so uncomplicated, all it asks is you head-bang yourself into oblivion and that’s something everyone can manage.

Game-changing? Not in the slightest, but it’s not supposed to be. What it is supposed to be is a reminder of Mutilatred’s death metal power and their innate love of all things brutal. On that front, it is a sure-fire winner.

Mutilatred – Determined to Rot Full Track Listing:

1. Everyone’s Doing Shitty
2. Veins Kind of Clogged
3. Smashed by a Slab of Concrete
4. In and Out of the Grave
5. Eroded Brain
6. Blood Machine
7. All the Way Dead
8. Fuck Everyone
9. Waste of the Mind
10. Sickened to Death
11. Shitted (Out)
12. Determined to Rot
13. Outro (Bonus)


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Mutilatred - Determined to Rot (Redefining Darkness Records)
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