Album Review: Miscarriage – Homicidal Mania Trilogy (BRC30 Productions)

Miscarriage play a chaotic, uncompromising and dissonant style of deathgrind that shares similarities with such bands as Full of Hell, Circle of Dead Children, Hexis, Last Days of Humanity and Primitive Man.

They’ve only been around since 2017 but have been very prolific so far with a total of four releases under their belt and a fifth one on the way. BRC30 Productions will be compiling the bands ‘Homicidal Mania’ trilogy onto 1 CD, resulting into 76 minutes of uncompromising non-stop brutal deathgrind.



There is a lot to get through here unsurprisingly but if you go in aware that it’s 30 tracks of smash-mouth deathgrind, it’s hardly a problem.

Chapter I is raw as a freshly scraped wound, ten tracks of intense grinding death metal. Tracks like Vomit Inhaler, Ejaculative Defilement, Dissecting Dominion and The Blackened Hand are par for the course in this genre but that doesn’t stop it being any less exciting even it it’s likely to make your ears pour blood. The drums do sound like you’re listening to them through a wall though which does get a bit annoying.

Chapter II continues the same raw and uncluttered approach to Miscarriage’s deathgrind sound with just a little more clarity in the riffs and feral vocals. This part of the trilogy has some of the wildest tracks going. Manifestation by Provocation, Slow Torture and Suffocating Sludge will make your eyes water with their intensity.

It’s truly spectacular that Miscarriage have this level of aggression in them but the trilogy keeps on giving as we enter Chapter III.

Some of the shortest tracks appear here keeping things ticking along nicely as it allows Miscarriage to continue to throw their all into creating another slice of chaos. That is exactly what the likes of Death is Sex, Facial Crucifixion and Ill Fated are…utter chaos.

It comes as something of a surprise though that Chapter III and the trilogy ends with a 7-minute track. The most ambitious song on the album, it’s slower and moodier but don’t let that fool you, it’s still utter carnage and filth-covered.

Miscarriage 1

Miscarriage – Homicidal Mania Trilogy Full Track Listing:

Chapter I

1. Fuming Blood
2. Vomit Inhaler
3. Misanthropy Baptism
4. Ejaculative Defilement
5. Deadly Curiosity
6. Extinction by Castration
7. Dissecting Dominion
8. Premeditated Hallucinations
9. Interdimensional Hell
10. The Blackened Hand

Chapter II

11. Ceaseless Resurrection
12. Manifestation by Provocation
13. Skull Basher
14. Matricide
15. Defecating Liberation
16. Slow Torture
17. Blossoming Dehumanization
18. The Anthropomorphic Contagion
19. Suffocating Sludge
20. Welcoming Netherworld

Chapter III

21. Epidemic
22. Deteriorating Facade
23. Matricide II
24. Death is Sex
25. Contours
26. Facial Crucifixion
27. Unworthy Devourment
28. The Invitation
29. Ill Fated
30. Unconditional

You can pick up the Homicidal Mania Trilogy over on BRC30 Productions’ Bandcamp and the separate releases via Miscarriage’s Bandcamp.

Miscarriage - Homicidal Mania Trilogy (BRC30 Productions)
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