Album Review: Metalite – Biomechanicals (AFM Records)

Two years after their exciting debut ‘Heroes In Time’, the Swedish Melodic Metal band Metalite return with a new singer and the aim to be the new heroes of Modern Metal – trendsetting, epic and of highest quality.

Influenced by the concept of bands like Within Temptation, the quintet from Stockholm reinvent classic Melodic Metal.

Metalite release their new album ‘Biomechanicals’ on 25th October 2019 on AFM Records.


Definitely leaning more towards melodic metal then say symphonic metal, Metalite’s Biomechanicals is a high energy heavy metal record led by wicked guitars and a phenomenal vocal performance. All backed up by synthy keys played an often frantic pace. This is music where you can picture the fireballs and plumes of flame erupting from the stage show. Especially with the bombastic opener, Far From the Sanctuary.

The metal is turned down a notch for a more synth-heavy showcase with the very catchy Apocalypse before the title track, Warrior and Mind of the Monster burn with brightness and intent. Absolutely nobody can accuse Metalite of taking it easy here.

Even when they appear to focus more on keys then anything else, it doesn’t stop this being an absolute banger. Eye of the Storm makes you want to jump and bounce around. Breakaway is the lowest tempo track of the album but allows the vocals to shine and soar wonderfully. Social Butterflies and Rise of the Phoenix stand tall with powerful melodies and hard-rocking heaviness. All before Victory or Death brings things to a close exactly as it begun. Huge, fist pumping bombastic groove.


Metalite – Biomechanicals Full Track Listing:

1. Far From The Sanctuary
2. Apocalypse
3. Biomechanicals
4. Warrior
5. Mind Of A Monster
6. World On Fire
7. Eye Of The Storm
8. Breakaway
9. Social Butterflies
10. Rise Of The Phoenix
11. Victory Or Death


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Metalite - Biomechanicals (AFM Records)
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