Album Review: Mental Torment – EGO:GENESIS (Metallurg Music)

Ukraine based death/doom metallers Mental Torment will release their brand new album ‘EGO:GENESIS’ on the 29th September 2021 via Metallurg Music.

A haunting effect and chilling piano melody greets on Acceptance and leads listeners to a dark pit where Mental Torment await. From behind, a hefty boot in the back sends victims tumbling down into a bottomless pit of nothing. Unable to see, unable to hear, constantly falling… madness takes hold and the EGO:GENESIS is the soundtrack of such cerebral misery.

After blasting the matter apart with an alarming blend of melody, doomy bursts and death-infused ferocity on that opener, Mental Torment build a torturous soundscape with New Days, Old Wounds. A track that lulls you with its peaceful melody but ends up victimising you with powerfully dark and sinister doom tones.

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The format is familiar by time Untitled and Conclusion ring out but not unwelcome because Mental Torment consistently build anticipation. The slow melodies always giving way to something outstandingly heavy, shadowy and malevolent sounding. The fall is unending, they have all the time in the world and so do we.

Talking of drawing things out… The River starts off like a babbling brook that rounds a corner to reveal a terrifying waterfall with sharp rocks littering the bottom of it. Bodies will be smashed apart as previous victims float lifelessly in the water. Whereas Black is an apt name for a track that oozes desolation and darkness. A track to create a mind-frame of despair.

The bottomless pit? Turns out it has a bottom and it’s rushing up to meet us now, signalling Oblivion. The shortest and final track on the album is also the most melodramatic. The end is here – embrace it.

Mental Torment – EGO:GENESIS Full Track Listing:

1. Acceptance
2. New Days, Old Wounds
3. Untitled
4. Conclusion
5. The River
6. Black
7. Oblivion


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Mental Torment - EGO:GENESIS (Metallurg Music)
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