Album Review: Mega Colossus – Riptime (Rafchild Records)

North Carolina metal veterans Mega Colossus return with a heavy dose of steroids and adrenaline on their new album, Riptime. It will be released on December 17th, 2021 via Rafchild Records.

The spirit of NWOBHM lives on. Mega Colossus’ bring screaming heavy metal back to the forefront of minds with Riptime. A hyperactive album from beginning to end, it begins in glorious old-school heavy metal fashion with Razor City. The frantic riffing, ear-splitting soloing, punchy percussion and epic vocals have everything you love about heavy freaking metal.

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They’re just getting warmed up though and so should you, as Midnight Zone delivers a groovy head-banger with one hell of a catchy chorus. Vigilo Confido’s combination of foot-tapping riffs and crunchier drums keeps things hot before Tinker Tanner drops the tempo for something that has a power metal epic feel to it.

It’s fun and the fun doesn’t stop just yet as Mega Colossus continue to show that their style of music will never get old and die. Run to The Fight has a ‘big fight’ build before erupting in chest-beating and foot-stomping style. Boiling Seas is straight-forward speed (no complaints here) with some high vocals and a screeching guitar solo. Before the excellent ode to heavy metal is capped off with the epic Iron Rain. Absolutely banging.

Mega Colossus – Riptime Full Track Listing:

1. Razor City
2. Midnight Zone
3. Vigilo Confido
4. Tinker Tanner
5. Run to The Fight
6. Boiling Seas
7. Iron Rain


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Mega Colossus - Riptime (Rafchild Records)
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