Album Review: Mavis – Grief is No Ally (Arising Empire)

German metalcore quartet Mavis will release their debut album ‘Grief is No Ally’ on December 15th, 2023, via Arising Empire.

Is metalcore played out? Not when bands like Mavis are bringing so much heavy fire and heart-wrenching melody. The German group aren’t looking to change the landscape of metal, but to enhance it with their existence, something that is evidently clear upon hearing this debut album.

Beginning in frenzied fashion with Insight, Mavis’ blend of speed, intensity, and harmony is front and centre. The group allowing no time to breathe as Calypso follows that, and that’s a beast of a track. Filled with atmosphere, epic heavy intent, and moving melody. It is the epitome of the ‘let’s go’ movement as it encourages a frantic expulsion of energy. Then along comes Tortured Land to up the ante as far as heavy turmoil goes. A crashing and smashing blast with touches of dreaminess.

The early feeling about Grief is No Ally is that it is a strong contender for metalcore release of the year and Hollow Eyes is only going to enhance that. Manic sounding electronica, alongside a stompy groove that just slays, and a chorus that sounds particularly massive. Before Furry Tongue, Monsters, and Reflections showcase a variety of more progressive ideas, even grander choruses, an exorbitant amount of meaty heaviness, and soul-touching melodies.

This is the stuff that makes Mavis stand out from the pack.

One of the more welcome aspects of their sound is how they adapt and change the formula, and nowhere is that more evident than with rockier and more dramatic, Limerent. Albeit, with big flare-ups of heavier groove and great guest vocals from Venues’ Lela Gruber. Though it’s straight back to a wicked blend of intensity and melody with ISOTO, before Closer to the Sun and Marcescence ends things in style.

Hefty freaking style as Mavis deliver wild metalcore heaviness with their notable infectious qualities throughout. Attention grabbing right up the very end, Mavis are here, and the metalcore world is better off for it.

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Mavis – Grief is No Ally Track Listing:

1. Insight
2. Calypso
3. Tortured Land
4. Hollow Eyes
5. Furry Tongue
6. Monsters
7. Reflections
8. Limerent
10. Closer to the Sun
11. Marcescence


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Mavis - Grief is No Ally (Arising Empire)
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