Album Review: Martyr Art – FearFaith Machines (ZineScene Records)

With the advent of technology, the possibilities of music that one man can create have exploded in a multitude of directions, and allowed for crossover like never before, synthesizing old and new. Channeling this futuristic approach into his music, Joe Gagliardi III – AKA Martyr Art – demonstrates his self-dubbed ‘digital metal’ on fifth album FearFaith Machines. On which he performed, recorded, mixed and mastered every instrument – a true one man army.

It is available digitally now but a physical copy will be out on November 22nd 2018.

FearFaith 2

Opening with hyper aggression, plenty of deep groove and just enough crossover elements to get you excited, FearFaith Machines makes its mark with Motion. It’s followed up with the synth wackiness of The Pleasure of Pain, a track with an extra bit of goth rock thrown in for good measure.

Filled with high energy, the focus is on industrial metal for the majority of the album’s run-time and it offers plenty of thrills. Who Are You has a stonking guitar solo backed up with hefty crashing drums. Just delivers a bass heavy treat and Constrict looks to suffocate you under a blanket of hard-hitting riffs.

Nice and short, Thundering and Binary Slavery wrap things up for Martyr Art. The former is all about moody melody that goes some way to keeping things varied. It flows well into the latter which sees things out in punchy style.

FearFaith 1

Martyr Art – FearFaith Machines Full Track Listing:

1. Motion
2. The Pleasure of Pain
3. Who Are You
4. Just
5. Constrict
6. Thundering
7. Binary Slavery



You can order the album over on Bandcamp and via ZineScene Records. Keep up to date with news by checking out Martyr Art’s website, Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Martyr Art - FearFaith Machines (ZineScene Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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