Album Review: Made Of Teeth – Sociopathogen (APF Records)

The 24th of June 2022 marks the much-anticipated return of Welsh noise punks Made of Teeth with their third album, and first for APF Records, Sociopathogen.

An impossible band to categorise, Made of Teeth can be simply be called ‘noise’. Something that makes a lot of sense when you consider that their sound has a certain 90’s noise rock kick to it. Though, that is hardly the be all and end all of their sound as they also incorporate elements of punk, sludge, metal and progressive wackiness. It’s a mishmash of experimental insanity and it’s very easy to fall in love with.

Partially because Made of Teeth do it with such gusto, you can’t help but admire it. Partially because Made of Teeth are really good at taking all these ideas, elements and influences and turning it into raw and punchy head-bangers. Most importantly though, because Made of Teeth filter all of this through a live sieve. You can smell the sweat, taste the blood, and feel the vibrations. Which is an incredible feat.

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Sociopathogen is made up of 11 tracks and each one shows off an eccentricity that is just delightful to listen too. From the blazing punk-metal clamour of Three4a1er to the grubby, heart-racing and energised Low on Water. To the frenetic energy that is exuded on Pick a Pocket and to the groovy, heavy head banger that is Never Heard of Them. Made of Teeth don’t let up and Sociopathogen just keeps on giving.

A particular thing to note is that for all the chaos that surrounds Sociopathogen, the experimental and progressive edge Made of Teeth have, makes it somewhat more accessible than expected. Which sounds so silly when you say it out loud. However, that’s the state of play. Made of Teeth are creative and talented enough to make Sociopathogen more than just the sum of its individual parts. It’s hard to categorise and that works in its favour because it’s infinitely more interesting.

Made of Teeth – Sociopathogen Full Track Listing:

1. Four
2. Three4a1er
3. Strutter Bubble
4. Low on Water
5. J.T.W.
6. Small Operation
7. Pick a Pocket
8. Shotgun Steve
9. Never Heard of Them
10. What’s the Time
11. Pearly Whites


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Made Of Teeth - Sociopathogen (APF Records)
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