Album Review: Lunar Swamp – UnderMudBlues (Fuzzy Cracklins Presents)

Lunar Swamp are a doom/sludge/blues band from the South of Italy who released their new album UnderMudBlues via Fuzzy Cracklins Presents at the beginning of March this year.

The ambience of a swamp, bluesy psychedelia, a touch of stoner and some downright mucky sounding doom riffs welcomes us to UnderMudBlues. The start of Shamanic Owl getting the hairs standing up on the body. Only for the delicate but powerful vocals to send electric jolts throughout.

An outstanding opener, the thickness is one thing but the rhythmic fuzzy blues is another. Compressed even more into The Crimson River where the injections of harmonica, wonderful vocals alongside the doomy riffs just kicks all kinds of ass.

The smell of the swamp is appetising even if it is chokingly copious and Magic Circle at Twin Moons just lays that on even more. Although the taste of incense at the back of the throat is even stronger here.

Dialling up the bluesy stoner vibes with the always consistent shake and rattle of their doom, Lunar Swamp continue to blow expectations out of the muddy water with Green Swamp. The rough fuzz is deep enough to drown and the ambience/melodic outro of Creeping Snakes confirms that we’re in way too deep now.

An astonishing release.

Lunar Swamp – UnderMudBlues Full Track Listing:

1. Shamanic Owl
2. The Crimson River
3. Magic Circle At Twin Moons
4. Green Swamp
5. Creeping Snakes




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Lunar Swamp – UnderMudBlues (Fuzzy Cracklins Presents)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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