Album Review: Lunar Shadow – Wish to Leave (Cruz Del Sur Music)

A new, bold frontier from one of Germany’s most intriguing acts! Lunar Shadow embrace their post- and indie rock influences on “Wish to Leave”, an album that embodies sheer darkness. It will be released on March 19th 2021 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

This is a seismic shift in Lunar Shadow’s sound, one that sees them move away from the power/heavy metal sound of their previous album, The Smokeless Fires and into more post/indie rock territories. Risky business as it could alienate a fan base that already exists.

That being said, we’re pro bands doing what they want to do. If this is the direction Lunar Shadow wish to go in, who are we to say they’re wrong for doing it? Hell, whatever fans they might lose along the way, they could easily earn back double with this new style.

Especially when it begins with the gothic-tinged/synthy rock and catchy number that is Serpents Die. A killer start and a confirmation that this direction for Lunar Shadow might be an inspired decision.

That feeling continues into the energetic rhythm of Delomelanicon, Lunar Shadow showing that they’re still delivering on the riff and solo front too. Before I Will Lose You heads down a darker pathway while being undeniably uplifting and catchy. One of the album’s best tracks thanks to the mix of gothic mournfulness and powerful rock groove.

Talking of mournful music though…To Dusk and I Love You is a mellow ballad. One with passion behind the vocals, echoing guitar twangs and emotional heart at its core.

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The penultimate track, And Silence Screamed’s bouncy drum beat mixed with a frenzy of guitar riffs brings the vibes back up. Especially as it flies in the face that this album would be nothing but a constant dreary listen. Lunar Shadow are still shining a bright light into the darkness as when it needs to be shone.

Which brings us to the end and the near-10 minute epic that is The Darkness Between the Stars. Beginning with a lengthy trading off of melody, riffs and percussion before the arrival of the vocals welcomes in a darker mood and punchier pace. It’s downright heavy at times but never slips off the line of grandness that Lunar Shadow balance so carefully on.

It’s a gargantuan finish but one that compliments everything heard so far. Off the back of this album, the future is looking very bright for Lunar Shadow.

Lunar Shadow – Wish to Leave Full Track Listing:

1. Serpents Die
2. Delomelanicon
3. I Will Lose You
4. To Dusk and I Love You
5. And Silence Screamed
6. The Darkness Between The Stars


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Lunar Shadow - Wish to Leave (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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