Album Review: Lucky Thief – DIY (Self Released)

Lucky Thief is Ed Jefferson, a multi-instrumentalist artist who’s written and recorded everything you hear across the span of the album, aptly titled DIY. Crafted over the course of three intense years, DIY explores his own mental health struggles, relationships, substance abuse, and the impact of his religious upbringing throughout the album. It will be released on August 25th, 2023.

Showcasing a creative ability to twist alternative sounds with modern rock vibes, Lucky Thief takes us deep into his mind with DIY. An album of heart and soul, but with no end of catchy and memorable tunes. Beginning with Landlubber, a track that features dramatic vocals, eccentric effects, and a foot-tapping rock beat. A track that fits the alternative crowd more than anything.

It’s an instant showcase of the broad appeal this record will have, which continues into Equator and Silencer. The former is a bit more eccentric, a lot moodier, heavier in places (especially right at the end), and but just as infectious. Whereas the latter is a peppy and emphatic alt-rock hit. One that you could easily hear playing out on the radio.

The creativeness of Lucky Thief and how that comes across throughout the album is one of the biggest takeaways. Track after track intrigues and delights in different ways. Take Nomad as an example. Here Lucky Thief takes a more melodious route, mournful and heartfelt, but showing off his excellent vocals well. Then there is the grungy and groovy vibes of Spit on the Pavement.

Before Filthy, Crocodile Smiles, and Better Now? offer up varying amounts of alternative energy, melodramatic highs and lows, excitable rock groove, bursts of heavy intensity, thought-provoking lyrical content, and infectious rhythms. Enjoyable all the way through, right up to the very end which just so happens to be the excellent Menace. A finale with a sinister and dark tone that feels ever so threatening. Albeit warped by the clever melodies and rock side of Lucky Thief.

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Lucky Thief – DIY Track Listing:

1. Landlubber
2. Equator
3. Silencer
4. Nomad
5. Spit on the Pavement
6. Filthy
7. Crocodile Smiles
8. Better Now?
9. Menace


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Lucky Thief - DIY (Self Released)
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