Album Review: Lonescar – Lust for the End (Self Released)

When it comes to metal in the Lone Star State, there’s no place that does the blend between thrash and groove so well. Close enough to be able to see their neighbours over the border, Lonescar arm themselves with the Tex-Mex spirit to deliver their third release. Previous EPs Bloodluck and More Chingon Than Before have paved the way for Lust For the End, which is even more ‘chingon’ (‘fucking awesome’ in Spanish) than what came before.

Lust For the End is out on the 31st January 2020.

The groove is deep with opener Gluttonous to the Core, the chorus as bouncy as a circle pit on a trampoline. However, what makes it stand out is the kick-ass thrashiness around it. Lonescar have a sound that will excite the old-school stalwarts of metal as much as the new-school of head-bangers.

Undead Assembly is a little more simple in the rhythm department but certainly isn’t lacking in metal power. Lonescar raging with barely contained fury, something that increases in energy as the track goes on and is picked up by the hyper-groove in Means to an End.

Continuing to let rip, Life is Suffering then sees Lonescar go all out to cause nothing but destruction and devastation. An absolute beast, the guitars are dripping in filthy groove and the throat tearing intensity of the vocals are on another level.

Of course, Revolution Now and Self-Led continue the savagery but it is nice to see a cheeky little guitar solo crop up in the former and another with a bit more meat to the bones pop up in the latter.

Still burning as brightly as they did at the start, Lonescar don’t appear to be running out of steam. Still driving their ferocity forwards like a metal spike being pushed into the skull. With Your Martyr Self, For Envy’s Sake and Images from Mauthausen being the thump of the hammer driving the pain in deeper and deeper.

As numbness does begin to set in, a brief screech of feedback followed by one of the hottest tempos on the album in the form of All is Vanity brings the sharpness back to the forefront. This is Lonescar at their strongest. So it is somewhat a surprise to find Lust for Her End begin with a bit of a peppier sound that seems well out of place. It does of course evolve into their trademark thrash-based groove for a frantically heavy ending.

Lonescar – Lust For the End Full Track Listing:

1. Gluttonous to the Core
2. Undead Assembly
3. Means to an End
4. Life is Suffering
5. Revolution Now
6. Self-Led
7. With Your Martyr Self
8. For Envy’s Sake
9. Images from Mauthausen
10. All is Vanity
11. Lust for Her End




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Lonescar - Lust for the End (Self Released)
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