Album Review: Lòdz – Time Doesn’t Heal Anything (Klonosphere/Season Of Mist)

Hailing from France, Lòdz arrived on the scene in 2010. Time Doesn’t Heal Anything is their second full length album & was released on the 17th March 2017 via Klonosphere/Season Of Mist.

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Lòdz style of music can be best described as melancholy metal. Music to make you rueful but not without plenty of melody & atmosphere. It’s a description that intrigues & excites but opening song Negligence isn’t the strongest start. It’s major strong point being the vocals & flashes of harder hitting metal moments. The combo of melody & metal doesn’t gel too well here but it’s a blip on an otherwise stellar record.

Time Doesn’t Heal Anything is a vast improvement, all the faults of the first track corrected here. Wonderful melodies, catchy bass hooks, smart riffs & soaring vocals result in a ‘mouth left open’ moment.

It’s the start of an emotional journey that takes you through many lows & highs. It’s a mood affecting listen, one that evokes gratitude that Lòdz are allowing you to be part of it.

This isn’t an ‘in your face’ record, it’s one filled with subtly & a calming nature. It’s only songs like Shattered Dreams & Cataract that flirt with a more friendly sound. They have an upbeat style that betrays the lyrics & vocals.

At 51 minutes long you need to set aside a chunk of time to really listen to Time Doesn’t Heal Anything. This isn’t a one-song only record, it needs to be judged as a whole. However if you were to listen to just one then Cataract is a good choice. Filled with everything that makes this album such a good listen, heavy with bags of rhythm & melody.

Perhaps the biggest negative that can be thrown at Time Doesn’t Heal Anything are the lulls. When they come, as found in the lengthy Nothing Else To Do, they are borderline boring. The odd song feels dragged out to the point of frustration.

The beautiful melancholy moments of This Feeling offset with explosive metal moments & the 8 minute epic, Everything is Fine ensures Time Doesn’t Heal Anything ends on a high. The latter of the two is an emotionally charged piece of music that is Lòdz sounding their most furious.

Time Doesn’t Change Anything Full Track Listing:

1. Negligence
2. Time Doesn’t Heal Anything
3. The Sound of Deceit
4. Shattered Dreams
5. Nothing Else to Do
6. Cataract
7. This Feeling
8. Everything is Fine

You can pick up the album via Bandcamp here & it is available via streaming services like iTunes. You can find out more about Lòdz over on Facebook & listen to some of their music over on YouTube.


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Lòdz - Time Doesn't Heal Anything (Klonosphere/Season Of Mist)
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