Album Review: Lizzies – On Thin Ice (The Sign Records)

Hard rockin’ heavy metal Spanish group Lizzies return with their second album ‘On Thin Ice’, which is set for release on 5th October 2018 via The Sign Records.

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You only need to take one look at the cover of Lizzies new album to learn that this is an album drenched in 80’s vibe. In fact the entire album could very easily be the soundtrack to the likes of Netflix’s GLOW TV series.

It’s a product of another time which does mean it does sound dated already but the tightness of the riffs and the sharpness of the hooks makes it a damn good rockin’ listen.

The catchiness of Like An Animal and No Law City is what draws you into the Lizzies house party. It’s a cool night and you’re out for a walk when you hear the rhythm and you find your head nodding along. As you get closer, the music gets louder and suddenly you see a house decked out in neon brightness with all manner of dancing people inside and out. Without even meaning too, you’re drawn inwards by beckoning fingers. Welcome to the party.

A lot this is down to the powerful and soaring vocal performance by singer Elna but every other member of the band does their part to perfection.

If your foot isn’t tapping along to the groovy rock rhythm of Talk Shit and Get Hit and the pure 80’s punk vibe of Rosa Maria, you might already be dead!

A damn good album.

Lizzies 1

Lizzies – On Thin Ice Full Track Listing:

1. Like An Animal
2. No Law City
3. I’m Paranoid
4. Playing With Death
5. Real Fighter
6. Talk Shit And Get Hit
7. Final Sentence
8. Rosa María
9. World Eyes On Me
10. Love Is Hard
11. The Crown

You can pick up music and merchandise here and the new album via The Sign Records here. Find out more about the album and the band over on Facebook.

Lizzies - On Thin Ice (The Sign Records)
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