Album Review: Little Albert – Swamp King (Aural Music)

Little Albert is the Hard Blues project of Alberto Piccolo, lead guitarist of Scarlet Doom disciples MESSA. A fusion between stoner/doom and delta blues, with room for improvisation and psychedelia. They will release Swamp King on March 27th 2020 via Aural Music.

The moody blues of the title track, bassy as all hell, is a grand introduction to Little Albert’s sound. Tinged with stoner, other then a brief flurry of guitar energy, it is lazy and chilled throughout.

Bridge of Sighs showcases a slighter darker and more psychedelic edge to Little Albert. The fuzzy riffs ring loudly in the head and the clean vocals have a hazy warble to them. It’s very effective and very memorable. Just like Mean Old Woman with its excellent groove, the chorus being something of a singalong.

Dripping in the promised mix of stoner/blues vibes, Little Albert has heaviness but just portrayed in different ways. Once such way is the echoing thump of drums and guitars that dominate throughout Blues Asteroid. A thrilling piece of music.

Mary Claire is a slight step back, mainly in how psychedelic and slower it is. Aside from momentary injections of pace, it takes its sweet bluesy time. Something that is different in the last track, Outside Woman Blues with its peppy beat making for a more energetic end.

You don’t have to like blues to enjoy this but it won’t do any harm!

Little Albert – Swamp King Full Track Listing:

1. Swamp King
2. Bridge Of Sighs
3. Mean Old Woman
4. Blues Asteroid
5. Mary Claire
6. Outside Woman Blues





Little Albert - Swamp King (Aural Music)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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