Album Review: Like A Storm – Catacombs (Century Media Records)

Like a Storm are a hard rock, post-grunge band from Auckland, New Zealand and Catacombs is their third album release. Having shared the stage with the likes of Alter Bridge, Creed and Black Stone Cherry, their stock has never been higher.

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There’s a certain safety to Like a Storm’s music. Leaning towards radio friendly, easy to digest hard rock influenced by many other elements of music. Catacombs is the kind of album that you could play to a person with just a passing interest in rock to enjoy.

It doesn’t exactly start strongly with a combo of bland sounding tracks. The Devil Inside and the title track really lacking a hook. The chorus of the latter isn’t too bad but it’s hardly memorable.

The clean vocals really don’t do much for me. Coming across flat and with a little too much whine while the second set has a death metal style that you couldn’t pick out of a lineup. This is pretty well highlighted on Complicated (Stitches & Scars).

There are some good moments though. The beat of Solitary is catchy, the chorus of The Bitterness is one of the best on the album, the use of the didgeridoo on Bullet in the Head is different and These Are the Bridges You Burned Down has the most bite of the entire album.

Catacombs is an album that could really see Like a Storm take off in the mainstream of rock and metal building on their already impressive success. It has not got enough memorable moments to really have much staying power though.

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Like a Storm – Catacombs Full Track Listing:

1. The Devil Inside
2. Out of Control
3. Catacombs
4. Complicated (Stitches & Scars)
5. Solitary
6. The Bitterness
7. Until The Day I Die
8. Hole in My Heart
9. Bullet in the Head
10. These Are the Bridges You Burned Down
11. Pure Evil

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Catacombs is available via all major streaming services and you can find out more by going to their Facebook Page.

Like A Storm - Catacombs (Century Media Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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