Album Review: Left Limbs – Hexes (Buzzhowl Records)

Austin, Texas drone duo Left Limbs will release their second album on 26th July 2019. Titled ‘Hexes’, the album will be available via Buzzhowl Records. Engineered by Jason Morales at BBQ Shack in Austin and mastered by Kris Lapke, the two track album can be pre-ordered on limited edition cassette and digital download now.



Proving to be another in a line of unusual and unconventional releases from Buzzhowl Records, Left Limbs’ presents Hexes.

How do you describe something like Hexes without it sounding bat-shit crazy, bat-shit stupid or barely listenable? It’s not easy even for those with a bit more of a disposition for drone. I like drone. There are a lot of great drone bands out there but this does push the limit of what I can handle.

Calling it good or bad just doesn’t work because it’s something that when experienced each person could take something completely different away. It’s as brilliant as it is terrible, as infuriating as it is understandable, as intense as it is comforting…it’s everything you can imagine and a blank slate at the same time.

One moment I love it for just how challenging it is and then the next I loathe it for leaving me utterly befuddled. What were Left Limbs smoking when they came up with this?!

Does this sound like nonsense? Welcome to Hexes, pull up a seat and enjoy what is a wacky and confusing art project in musical form. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Left Limbs 1

Left Limbs – Hexes Full Track Listing:

1. Procaine Gate
2. Sean Van Grants Me Passage


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Left Limbs - Hexes (Buzzhowl Records)
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