Album Review: Leeched – You Took The Sun When You Left (Prosthetic Records)

Barely a year after they formed, and with an incessantly intense EP – Nothing Will Grow From The Rotten Ground – already under their belts, Leeched are taking a fast-paced swipe at the world around them. Bands sharing a distaste for the status quo, or a dissatisfaction for the world around them may not be something new, but few bands are doing it with the vitriol and vehemence that is offered up on You Took the Sun When You Left.

Set for official release on August 24th 2018 via Prosthetic Records and featuring 11 dark, bleak and brutal tracks set atop of today’s desolate and industrialised landscape.

Leeched 2

It’s not a criticism to say that Leeched aren’t exactly fresh sounding nor is it a criticism to say death metal as a whole has little in the way of variety. It is what it is but if done well it can rise way above the standard by just bringing more depth and fire.

That is exactly what Leeched do. Bringing a high-level of inhumanity and anger that makes their brand of hardcore-infused death metal something special to listen too.

Keeping it short and intense, they fly through the first couple of tracks with all the urgency of a starving lion who has just sighted a pack of gazelles. The take down is hard and the ripping and roaring that follows exceptionally brutal.

Making a hell of a racket, By the Factories stokes the fire by throwing a fuel can on to it. The low and deep riffs slotting nicely alongside the dirty vocals. Then Guilt has the audacity to add some harsh industrial elements in to really drive home the heaviness.

Fast and hard, Leeched continue their ruthless attack as on as A Mouth Full of Dirt fires on all cylinders with disjointed pace, Born in Sand quietly rages only releasing it as it reaches its apex before Raised by Lead unleashes everything Leeched have!

Around 35 minutes long, the 11 tracks of You Took the Sun When You Left disappear into a vortex of sharp splinters and slicing glass. Time is inconsequential, the mind focused on the pain and the pain alone.

Leeched 1

Leeched – You Took the Sun When You Left Full Track Listing:

1. Cripple the Herd
2. Rope
3. The Stone and The Steel
4. By the Factories
5. Guilt
6. A Mouth Full of Dirt
7. Born in Sand
8. Raised by Lead
9. Hollow-Point Weddings
10. Harrow the Pastures
11. You Took the Sun When You Left

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You can order the album here, on their official store here, via Bandcamp, Google Play, Amazon above and Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.

Leeched - You Took The Sun When You Left (Prosthetic Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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